Amazon to Rome: It Begins

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April 20, 2005 Wednesday Fly Delta to Atlanta and then Ft. Lauderdale Westin Ft Lauderdale
April 21, 2005 Thursday Fly World Airways Charter
Board the Ship in Manaus
April 22, 2005 Friday Manaus Visit Rio Negro and Lake January*
April 23, 2005 Saturday Boca Da Valeria. small village/walk around
April 24, 2005 Sunday Cruise down the Amazon.
April 25, 2005 Monday Cruising
April 26, 2005 Tuesday Cruising
April 27, 2005 Wednesday Recife* visit the town
April 28, 2005 Thursday Crossing the Atlantic
April 29, 2005 Friday Crossing the Atlantic*
April 30, 2005 Saturday Crossing the Atlantic
May 1, 2005 Sunday Crossing the Atlantic
May 2, 2005 Monday Dakar, Senegal Visit the city* and Lake Retba*
May 3, 2005 Tuesday Cruising up the coast of Africa
May 4, 2005 Wednesday Cruising
May 5, 2005 Thursday Agadir, Morocco* Agadir, Inezgane & folkloric show
May 6, 2005 Friday Casablanca, Morocco Rabat
May 7, 2005 Saturday Gibraltar. tour the rock
May 8, 2005 Sunday Alicante, Spain visit the city
May 9, 2005 Monday Barcelona, Spain a day off - on board
May 10, 2005 Tuesday Cannes, France Antibes & Vallauris
May 11, 2005 Wednesday Livorno, Italy Day trip to Lucca.
May 12, 2005 Thursday Civitavecchia/Rome, Italy Disembark
May 13, 2005 Friday Rome
May 14, 2005 Saturday Rome
May 15, 2005 Sunday Fly British Airway Rome to Heathrow and then back to San Francisco

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All text and photos copyright Robin Berry and William Ringer 2005, except where noted.