Agadir, Morocco

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Robin and Will stand at the top of the Kasbah with Agadir behind - yes really


Touring through the Souk - mounds of food including carrots, potatoes, and onions.

May 5, 2005 (yes 555 day) - up early for the tour in Agadir. Early - as in 6:30 am in order to eat breakfast and be ready to leave the ship at 8 am.

Agadir is a very modern city. It is referred to as the Florida of Morocco because it is a beach resort - complete with palm trees. It was mostly destroyed in an earthquake in 1960 and there has been a tremendous rebuilding effort going on since.

We were docked in the new dock area. The old dock area is primarily fishing boats - sardines are the primary catch and most are exported.

We boarded large buses and began a fast (too fast by Robin standards) ride up to the Kasbah which is a 16th C fortress site on top of a cliff. You reach it along narrow (you don't want to pass another bus coming the other direction, but we did) roads with no shoulder, steep drop off, and 3 hairpin turns What remains is very little of the original and the gate dates from the 18th C. Little more remains due to the catastrophic earthquake of 1960. We were beseiged to buy stuff, ride a camel, have a private guide, etc. We managed to see what little there was and return to the bus - only $6 lighter in the pocket


Souk - spice merchant


Souk - olive merchant

We then went to Inezgane which was a 1 1/4 hour ride. There we took a very fast walk through the souk. Much of it was food which is obviously what the locals frequent. Tons of shops with merchandise from China - modern clothing and toys mainly. There were some traditional shops AND THEY POWER WALKED US THROUGH --WE DID NOT HAVE TIME TO SHOP since you must bargain for a price. It was like showing a kid (Robin) candy and saying you can't have any.

Folkloric show - dancers


Folkloric show - Robin dances

Next they took us to a Folkloric show in a casbah. We were greeted by dancers and musicians. We were given the classic mint tea and a cookie. There was a little shopping if you wanted to and a display of decorated saddles and lovely urns for washing hands before a meal.

After waiting for all 9 tour buses, the show began. The dancers started. Then the man with his wonderful smile and 2 gold teeth choose a couple ladies and a man from the audience to dance. Another man, who acted as manager, choose a couple more including Robin. He wouldn't take a no answer.


Folkloric show - Berber riders


Folkloric show - decorated saddles and objects for washing

Where you entered it was decorated like the inside of a tent with tables, carpets, chandeliers and a stage. Wish we could have had dinner and a show instead.

In addition, the Berbers on horseback would gallop their horses the length of a football field toward the audience, bring them to a halt and fire their rifles in the air. They did the charge 4 times to ensure good pictures.


Folkloric show - acrobats


Folkloric show - snake charmer and cobra

The dancing was followed by an acrobatic display, more dancers, and a snake charmer.

Tiled wall and doorway at Folkloric show casbah

Made it back in time for late lunch and followed by a sailing away party on deck. Since we were hot and tired we opted for showers and naps. Unfortunately there was no chicken mole on the dinner menu.

Afterwards we returned to Agadir for shopping at a government store. At these there is no bargaining. It was primarily tourist stuff. We did buy a plate and hope we can get it back in one piece.

Entertainment for the evening was a Russian pianist. She has played Carnegie Hall and was very good - but it was performed on a lousy grand piano. The Rachmaninoff piece sounded wonderful, but the rest left a lot to the imagination. Her fingering was wonderful.

Lost another hour - the 5th for the cruise. Tomorrow Casablanca and another 8 am start.

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