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IMG_3234.JPG April 28 (29th), 2005 - we began our crossing of the Atlantic last evening. We will be 4 days at sea or should that be "at ocean". As usual there is much to do. Robin is doing more arts and crafts - an acrylic yarn whosey-ma-what-such-it, an origami card case with stickers and acrylic yarn coasters on 7 count plastic canvas (yes please laugh :). Will has been very good and gone to the gym and pool each day. We do dance class in the am and usually make it to breakfast. As we are sailing NE we keep losing an hour each night so it is sometimes difficult.

We can be as busy as we want or as lazy. If you want to be social you can - or not. We really feel away. A news summary is delivered to our door daily - 2 pages of "news" and 2 pages of sports. Sometimes we even read some of them.

There will be 4 formal nights on board since it is a 21 day cruise. Fortunately the 2nd night was scheduled on one of the sea days so there is time to get ready. The show is then a special production. In this case it was a production about NY and featuring songs about The Big Apple. The talent is quite good overall. Not Broadway, but fun.

The weather is relatively pleasant. A bit on the warm side, but we are moving at around 20 knots so there is a breeze. It is interesting that this close to the Equator there is little to no twilight.

IMG_3239.JPG April 29, 2005 - silliness at sea. Today we crossed the Equator for the 3rd time on this trip. What makes this trip different from all other days, and crossings, is that we commemorated the crossing with a celebration. We had a visit from King Neptune and his "Queen" Nefrititi and court. Below is a very brief portion of the ceremony. We have 3 more installments, but at 6 mg each... - we will upload them when we get home. The appropriate "sacrifices" were made and we were given safe crossing. (tongue firmly placed in cheek)

Our dinner companions are interesting people and we have met lots more in the course of other meals and activities. While we are one of the younger couples on board we are by no means the youngest.

Off to dinner. Need to do some exercise to work off all the food and drink. Tonight is British Pub comedy night so if nothing else we will have lots of laughs. Ta Ta.

A short movie of King Neptune's entrance. Click to play movie. (6 mg)

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