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Sunday Brunch Buffet


More Food at the Buffet

May 1, 2005 - Sunday - one of 4 wonderful "at sea" days. Some might think that just cruising is boring. In fact, it is very relaxing if you let it. There is lots to do. In fact they keep us so busy that we barely have time to do our web pages (this is being written on May 4th :).

They also have us doing more than eating, although sometimes it seems that it is all we do. One really nice part of the food, is the variety. You also quickly learn what the cooks are good at and tailor your eating to enjoy every special dish.


And still more food at the Buffet
Ice Carving Centerpiece - right

IMG_3244.JPG This cruise, the chef is very good with fish and poultry. The game birds - quail, duck (several different ways) and goose have been favorites.

On one at sea day they had a wine tasting. On another, they had 3 of the chefs demonstrating various dishes from "The Princess Cookbook" and then a tour of the galley. On the Royal Princess, the galley is very small. Also after seeing the space the servers have to walk in and get the food, I am very impressed that they can even do their job.


Dakar caftan for Island Party Night


Formal Again - Captain's Circle Cocktail Party

It is fun to talk to all the different people from around the world. Most are interesting. Some are even awake for breakfast.

There are lots of social things to do on board if you want to participate. As usual, if dancing is an option, we have tried to attend for at least part of the event. The night we sailed from Dakar, they had an Island under the stars party on deck. Today (May 4th) we had a Tea Dance.

Yesterday was another formal night. It was preceeded with a cocktail party for those of use who had previously cruised with Princess.

IMG_3305.JPG Drinks and Dancing in the Riveria Lounge after dinner and before the show - we had the dance floor almost to ourselves so really waltzing was possible. (left) Robin has been doing more crafts - tassels, origami, a souvenier bookmark, and of course her knitting.

Will had an adventure yesterday. He went to the gym and then went in swimming. When he returned to the room, he realized that his ship ID was in his pocket and being paper...The purser's office replaced it with a new one, with special instructions tucked inside, "do not swim with!"

Tomorrow - Agadir.

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