Cannes, France
Antibes & Vallauris


The city of Cannes


Vauban Fortress - a 16th C fortress redone in the 18th C -overlooking Cannes

May 10, 2005 - Cannes, France - the French Riviera - the Province of Provence -- and the day before the start of the Cannes Film Festival. We opted for a tour away from the city center.

We had to tender in since they have limited facilities for docking of large vessels. They of course have several large harbors devoted to the vessels of the wealthy.

Since it was the day before the beginning of the Film Festival, the downtown was a bit crazy. Our tour bus took the harbor/seaside route to Antibes so we had a bit of a tour of the city sights. Lovely homes and buildings.


Fountain of Louis XIV


Grimaldi Castle

It was very interesting to see the mix as we moved into the suburbs. There were a lot of very run down buildings in the older style next to newer buildings. Lush vegetation and the guide commented that the boganvilla (?sp) was just beginning to bloom.

30 minutes out was the town of Antibes. It is an old town with Greek and Roman roots. The city walls are a mix beginning with 11th C. and changes every century. The 13th C. castle was owned and occupied by the Grimaldi family through the 16th C. In the 20th C. it was home to Pablo Picasso and today is the site of the Picasso Museum. While the exhibit on his ceramics and his work "Joie d'vive" were on display, Will and I found the 16th C. pottery more interesting. And to add insult to injury, they gutted the inside except for the flooring and the support beams.


market in Antibes


spice vender

We then walked through a bit more of the old town area and through the market place - cheeses, sausage, spices, olives, flowers, fruits, breads, ... It smelled wonderful -- but as usual no real time to stop to buy any of the delicacies.


street in Antibes - old city


street in Antibes - near market

Then back on the bus to go to Vallauris. It too is an old medieval town, but there are few remains. It is known for its pottery. Yes we bought a couple pieces and hope we can get them home in one piece.

Back to the ship by tender. The sea is soooooo blue and the light bright after a morning light rain. The Riviera looks like what you see in the movies. Think we will need to add it to the list of places to return - for the food if for nothing else.

From the ship we could look across to Isle St. Marguerite - and the prision where the Man in the Iron Mask lived. It isn't fiction!


street in Antibes - facing the city walls


church in Vallauris - Picasso painted the walls

Tomorrow Lucca.

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