Even More Activities on Board


The naughty foursome - Dada, Will, Robin and Winefred


Robin with Captain David Pembridge

May 9, 2005 - it was supposed to be Barcelona, but after so many days in ports we decided to take a day off -- the day, but not the night. AM was chores - yes we even do laundry on board the ship. Not glamorous but necessary never the less.

We spent time in Barcelona on the last trip and none of the tours sounded interesting to us. In addition, we ended up being docked farther out than usual. There was a shuttle bus for a fee, but all in all it seemed like too much trouble. Especially when we had to be ready for another (the 4th and last formal night) at 5:15 pm.


Robin & Will - it is formal night again


Livio, our asst. waiter getting our caviar - see the full tin nestled in the ice sculpture

The Captain's Farewell Cocktail Party - drinks, a little food, music, dancing, and friendly conversation. We have made a few friends on board. Dada and Win have been friends since grade school. Dada lives in the LA area and Win in Chicago. They are lots of fun and we enjoy hanging out with them.

Since it was the final formal night, it was caviar and all the special rich foods for dinner -- lobster, beef wellington, etc. For the caviar, they brought out whole tins of the very good stuff (grin).

Full production show in the evening. Then at 11:30 pm down for the champagne party. The head waiters and Maitre'd build a champagne glass waterfall. You pour champagne from the top and it cascades down to eventually fill all the glasses.

IMG_3554.JPG (left) - Maitre'd Lorenzo pours the first bottle of champagne for the champagne "waterfall" party. 657 glasses make up the tiers. The crepe suzette table is set up in the background. Add music and dancing waiters and you have a party! They had champagne for all of us and crepes suzette. They had all the assistant waiters out to dance with the passengers - a bit of disco, line dances, a conga line, etc. Lots of fun!

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