Will and Robin's Journey Through Time

When we met ,our joint interest in hobbies with costumes and dance drew us together.
These organizations give us a chance to learn and play while having fun!.

We play in lots of different time periods:

Medieval and Renaissance -- Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 (2008 & 9)
SCA - Society for Creative Anachronism
RMS - Renaissance Military Society - Renaissance Faire
other associated organizations or organizations that have cross events like the Yeomen Archers & LAHA

Our friends also sometimes put on "private" events:
Prova Dura 2005 -- we attended 2008 as well, but sorry no pictures
Erinwood II 2006
Erinwood III 2007
Erinwood IV 2008 -- sorry no pictures
Erinwood V 2009
Erinwood VIII 2012
Erinwood X 2014

Sometimes we go "off to big Wars" - Estrella 2005

Other times we just go far afield - Fairbanks Alaska. Robin/Sabrina was asked to some teach for a weekend.

English Regency - Friends of the English Regency, Bay Area English Regency and Jane Austen Society(s) of North America and Northern California

Other costuming events:
Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild

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