Lots of our 2008 & 9 weekends are Medieval in nature

At 12th Night 2008, Robin/Sabrina was invested into the 1st company of Queen's Artisans. This was a lovely honor indeed. Unfortunately you can only see Sabrina in her lush black velvet cotehardie with her back to the audience.
(picture courtesy of Gellis)

Here, Sabrina and the rest of the company are being given tokens of thanks by the Queen.

(picture courtesy of Gellis)

At Beltane 2008, the Company of Queen's Artisans was released by the Queen from service.

This is the gollar that Sabrina created. It was started during her time as a Queen's Artisan. It is in the process of being finished. Duchess silk satin. Pearls. Coral. Gold Spangles. Backing of silk velvet.
(photographer unknown)

This is from the West An Tir war - July 4th weekend 2008. Will is on the far left in blue and red. The war was in Gold Beach Oregon. About 1000 fighters took to the field of battle.

Sabrina was the class autocrat for the war. One of the classes was on dyeing with natural dyes. Here are the results of her labors with silk and wool (some her own spun wool); in cochineal and indigo.
Will kneeling during a ceremony for his knight. Spring Mists Investiture 2008.
Sabrina being escorted forward by Will to her Pelican (highest ranking service award) ceremony.
Will and Sabrina after the ceremony. Sabrina is wearing a capelet with medallions indicating her service. Each medallion was hand embroidered by a friend for her. The capelet was a surprise gift for her.
Will (tall guy in the center) and others do a demo at Dundracon; a gamers convention.
(photographer unknown)

Will escorts Sabrina forward to introduce her as his consort for the tournament for the Principality of the Mists. Will carries the banner Sabrina created. Sabrina is wearing her "Italian hat" with her wreath of poppies; a symbol of her membership in the Order of the Golden Poppy.

(photographer unknown)

Will defeats Vlasts in the tournament lists; saluting his fallen foe.

Some places have additional attendees. This emu had free range of the activities. He visited each of the tents; even the Royal pavilion where he left his calling card.
Will relaxes at Mists Investiture.

(photo courtesy of Martin Rivenstar)

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