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Poems written in honor of Will's fights in the Coronet Lists for the Principality of the Mists (San Francisco Bay Area).

For William Warren

A stretch of dust and broken grass
Lies 'neath the valley's wall
And there did Honor claim the field--
His pledge to stand 'gainst all.

As warriors stepped upon his field
He challenged each in turn
To take up gauntlet lying there
And see what fate he'd earn.

The bear with claws and fangs was armed
To stand and meet his fate;
Sabrina he would champion well,
His love for her so great.

The day has proved him Honor's friend,
No greater prize at stake,
While field in shadows rests again
And mists rise o'er the lake.

Leah Raedaelf of Pagham, Bard of the West
Mists Spring Coronet, April 3 A.S. XXXVIII (2004)

For William Warren

The sunnes bright splendor
Off the shields did shimmer.
Called last to call challenge -
Ah, but never last to honor.
William Warren went upon the field
His lovely lady, a beacon of inspiration
His bringer of awe for to honor.
Bowing low to the coronet
Bowing to she who inspires
Bowing, in grace to a noble opponent.
The sun wreathed their weapons with fires.
Bright in burnished armor, boldly he stood
And though pike blow laid him low,
Laud the clear light of chivalry
Which shone forth from the fight
The gleaming gilded field on shield
'Neath shining silvered moons
Doth show his spirit's splendor.
William Warren need not win the bout
To win clear honour for consort
And garnor glory for Mistlands.

By Caellainn inghean Ferat
Mists Spring Coronet, AS XXXVII (2003)

Taken at Great Western War AS XXXVI (2002) by unknown
Will is the right side fighter with his shield back showing.

At the same war, Robin met up with her friend Duke Master Sir Andrew of Riga. Andy was responsible for bringing Robin/Sabrina into the SCA in 1970. At our wedding he stood as Robin's witness for our Ketuba.

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