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Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - within this we live in the Kingdom of the West. Robin is known as Sabrina de la Bere and Will as William Warren. Sabrina currently holds 2 offices - Kingdom Minister of Arts and West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild Minister. Robin/Sabrina does needlework and other textile arts, costuming, food, dance, and other things within the organization. Will refers to himself as chief "sherpa" but also is a fighter. It is sometimes difficult for our friends when we say "we went to war this weekend".

Within the SCA each person takes their own arms. It goes through a vetting process to ensure that it does not conflict with anyone else or any actual historic arms.
Sabrina is the rose and the panther. William is the crecent moon and the bear. Yes there are specific blazons for them in heraldic terms, but we won't bore you with them.

Robin/Sabrina posing for Sally Norton (GBACG) in her German Renaissance dress made by Victoria Ridenour Sabrina and Will at Purgatorio 2001 - photo by Keradwc
Will and Sabrina - 12th Night 2003 photo by Keradwc
Both outfits made by Victoria Ridenour
Will does a lecture on the interplay through history of the development of weapons and armor at Dundracon (the longest running gaming convention in the US)

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