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Medieval & Renaissance (continued)

Will is standing in the RMS - Renaissance Military Society, encampment at Northern Faire for this picture taken by Steve Jacobsen.
Taken at Riley's Farm, this event was put on by a mixture of groups - LAHA (Lively Arts History Association), the Yeomen Archers (of which Will was a member in his LA days and they still include him as emeritus), and the Red Company. The year was 1470 and.... In reality the year was 1998 and it was Thankgiving Weekend. It snowed, hailed, rained, and presented us with miserable weather, but the reenactment weekend went on and people came!!
In the pictures are Walter Nelsen, Richard Bradley and Will Ringer. Will is pulling a 60 pound long bow which was the mainstay of the English longbowman of Richard III.

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