Ventures into Arts, Sciences, and Cooking in the Medieval World


Lacing a (Slate) Frame

Voided Work
Pattern Darning

Canvaswork - tent
Bargello Pattern Page
Brick Stitch

Pulled Thread (pdf)
Reticella (pdf)
Finishing Edge Stitches (pdf)

Goldwork Basics
Metal Thread couching (pdf)
Braid Stitches (pdf)

Surface Embroidery
Shading (pdf)
Elizabethan Raisedwork (pdf)
Detached Buttonhole (pdf)

Smocking & Pleating (coming soon we hope)

Braid and Cord Interlace (pdf)

Stitch Database Project


Cloth Buttons (pdf)
Buttonholes & Eyelets (pdf)

Sideless Surcoats (pdf)
Medieval Garb Introduction (pdf)

Tudor/Elizabethan Overview - focus on embroidery (pdf)

Textiles & Thread:

Lucet Basics - Square and Flat Braid
Lucet -2 color, gimp and beads

Tannic Acid Dyes
Other Dyes

Silk Thread - "s" & "z"


Easy Medieval Recipes

What to Bring to Feasts - if you don't cook (pdf)

Golden Poppy Competition & Entries:

Tinctures: Dyes & Inks
Horse Barding
Poem: Sestina
Painted Banner
Preserved Foods - Elizabethan Artichokes & Roman Cheese

Narrow Wares: Fingerloop Braiding (coming soon)

Sabrina de la Bere is a member of the Society of Creative Anachronism, a medieval and renaissance study organization. Within the organization she completed her term in 2 offices - Minister of Arts for the Kingdom of the West and Guild Minister for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild. She currently carries the title Guild Patron, indicating her continued involvement with the Guild and former position as Minister. She was the Guild Leader for Arachne's Web, the lace makers guild.

Since Sabrina loves to pass on what she has learned and infect others with what she calls her needlework "bug", Sabrina has taught a series of classes on historic needlework for several different groups within the SCA; both in the Kingdom of the West and in other Kingdoms. Outside, she has taught for such groups as local and regional chapters of Embroiders Guild of America (EGA) and American Needlepoint Guild (ANG). She also wrote a column for 3 years for Needlepoint Now (an international magazine focusing on counted thread) on various forms of historic needlework that might be of interest.

In 2005, Sabrina competed in the West Kingdom Arts and Sciences annual competition - the Golden Poppy and won. Her entries and research for them is also posted here. As a result, for 2006, she carried the title "Kingdom Artisan" and was admitted into the Order of the Golden Poppy (#25).

As classes are developed or research reaches a point where it can be shared, it will be posted on these pages. Many of the classes focus on introduction to different techniques. Sabrina feels it is important for a student (1) not to be scared of a technique and (2) have something that can be finished in a reasonable period of time (the leave them asking for more philosophy). Feedback is always appreciated; as is patience as Sabrina dislikes working on web sites.

To view Sabrina's mundane needlework projects, teaching, other handouts, and list of Needlepoint Now columns, visit her other webpage.

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