Sabrina's Favorite Recipes for Easy Medieval Cooking


"Winning a Wooden Spoon Contest can be as easy as just cooking a little more for dinner."



I love to cook and feel that it helps the ambiance to sit down to a medieval feast at events. Here are some of my favorite recipes. Some come with full redactions and some are more adaptations. Each recipe has notes that will refer to sources and, where appropriate, assistance received in developing the dish. Check back from time to time as I'll post more recipes as time and inspiration permits. I hope you will try some of these and learn that medieval cooking is easy, fun and tasty.

Enjoy ------ Sabrina de la Bere


Main Dishes:

Pomegranate Chicken

Twice Cooked Lamb

Pyes of Paris


Chicken Hand Pie with Sage

Chicken Hand Pie with Saffron

Chicken and Pork Pye

Side Dishes:

Lamb Pate

Chicken and Rose Pate


Sheepherder's Bread

Stuffed Bread


Torta Bianca

Figgy Pudding


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