Lacing a (Slate) Frame

Voided Work
Pattern Darning

Canvaswork - tent
Bargello Pattern Page
Brick Stitch

Pulled Thread (pdf)
Reticella (pdf)
Finishing Edge Stitches (pdf)

Goldwork Basics
Metal Thread couching (pdf)
Braid Stitches (pdf)

Surface Embroidery
Shading (pdf)
Elizabethan Raisedwork (pdf)
Detached Buttonhole (pdf)

Smocking & Pleating (coming soon we hope)

Braid and Cord Interlace (pdf)

Stitch Database Project


Cloth Buttons (pdf)
Buttonholes & Eyelets (pdf)

Sideless Surcoats (pdf)
Medieval Garb Introduction (pdf)

Tudor/Elizabethan Overview - focus on embroidery (pdf)

Textiles & Thread:

Lucet Basics - Square and Flat Braid
Lucet -2 color, gimp and beads

Tannic Acid Dyes
Other Dyes

Silk Thread - "s" & "z"


Easy Medieval Recipes

What to Bring to Feasts - if you don't cook (pdf)

Golden Poppy Competition & Entries:

Tinctures: Dyes & Inks
Horse Barding
Poem: Sestina
Painted Banner
Preserved Foods - Elizabethan Artichokes & Roman Cheese

Narrow Wares: Fingerloop Braiding (coming soon)

Stitch Database Project

This project started a couple years ago. In looking at all the descriptions of stitches and their uses commonalities and questions began to arise.

There was definitely a need for some sort of handout for newcomers beyond what we had for the Guild. The current handouts had a number of generalizations which was helpful in determining whether a stitch was used, but not how or where to use it. Context became the key. Eventually I hope to develop one.

I began doing some input and after 3 different attempts to find some way that worked for me and was useful, this format developed. I had seen the work of several ladies to set out the material in Scheutte's book, but I wanted more information than was provided in that database. So beginning from scratch this is what I have done. It is NOT finished by any means. There is much more I want to input before I draw any conclusions. In fact, so far I have found many more questions than answers.

It is sorted by stitch and then by year. I have only sometimes added my views or interpretations of what the piece is; instead relying almost solely on the descriptions provided by the curators/authors. I don't always agree and many times there are more stitches in the piece than identified in the written description. Please note that using this method means that the wording is taken directly from the sources to a large degree in this version. Sources have full citations at the end of the document.

Having said all that - here is the first cut - 30 pages worth in pdf format.

- Sabrina de la Bere 2004

Addendum 2007 - the project was put on hold. I hope to return to it in the next year.

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