2010 - Fast and Furious

We knew 2010 was going to be another one of those full years, but little did we know how full. As usual the year started off with 12th Night for our medieval organization. You can see pictures of us here.

January and February were spent mostly at home with quick trips for Will to the Estrella War in Florence Arizona (boys road trip) and Robin off to her Embroiderers Guild of America (EGA) Region meeting. Robin bought a 2nd Triplex and immediately turned them both over to a professional manager much to Will's relief.

Robin also took an online class on Studio Journals. This a process of "trapping" ideas or generating ideas for later being turned into artistic projects. Successful (fiber) artists begin with a concept and then work through the concept developing a plan that they then implement in the final project. Having never been to art school, Robin is beginning to collect the various tools to help her in her fiber arts (eg. taking classes on color, studio journals, etc.). Robin has long looked at the camera as a method for capturing ideas of lines and layers, but is actively doing more of it. We are also beginning to look at collecting odd bits as we travel and visit various places for some of her upcoming classes.

Meanwhile planning was going full swing for the Arts and Sciences portion of the West An Tir War held over July 4th weekend, a medieval sock making competition and all this proceeded with a road trip for Robin to visit 7 of her north/western chapters in her Region. This was briefly interrupted for a short week visit to Louisville as part of Robin's Board duties. Will went along to carry the baggage and keep Robin sane. Robin also continues to teach once each year for her local EGA chapter and work the outreach booths at Stitches West, Northern California Conference of Hand Weavers, Pacific International Quilt Festival, and the local Stitching Festival.

For the first half of the year many weekends were spent running off to our medieval events where Will could fight and Robin/Sabrina could play with fibers. One such weekend was double duty and local - the Maker Faire. It is a a very large DIY (do it yourself) gathering held in San Mateo at the convention center. Will and Robin participated in the medieval demo and Robin kept tabs on the EGA booth too. It has everything from metal sculptures, slow food, crafts, steam punk, and of course the Tesla (the car, not to be confused with giant Tesla coils which were there last year). It always is lots of fun.

On May 27th Will fell down 3 steps in our front hall while packing the car for one of our long weekends. Kaiser said - nothing broken, here is a brace, crutches, ice, pain killers and come back next week for appointment. Weekend cancelled and thankfully friends came over to help empty out the SUV and roof rack which was all but filled. On June 2nd, Doc's office called and said get X-rays on the way in. Doc took one look and said "what have you had to eat today?". Will said "nothing". Doc said "good answer". A few hours later he was in surgery having his quadriceps tendon reattached. We lucked out and got the top ortho surgeon. They kept him overnight and sent him home with a FULL leg cast which was then replaced with another non-expansion one 10 days later. Keep the leg elevated, ice, pain killers, and okay to walk on it - "let pain be your guide".

On June 17th we left on our northwest road trip. 2875 miles in 3 weeks. Robin drove the MDX and Will road in the back seat with his cast up. It didn't go if Robin could not carry it to load into the car. Lots of stops along the way for Robin to visit her chapters - Redding, Rogue River, Eugene, Portland, Spokane, Seattle, and North Vancouver. We happened to be in Eugene the weekend of the Black Sheep festival so stopped briefly for fiber. Visited Robin's relatives in Portland and Will's in Seattle. One of the chapters included a home visit with a lovely couple that kept all the medieval stuff for us (half the car load) while we did the other chapters. Then we picked up the stuff on the return visit via more friends in Olympia. Then onto the West An Tir War in Gold Beach Oregon. We stayed at the Motel 6 since camping was not an option. Friends helped up put up the 3 pavilions which made up the A&S space where we hosted half of the classes (around 30 which Robin organized) and the medieval sock making competition. We did have some lovely little breathing spots during the event - kicking back and knitting, sitting and watching a tournament, visiting with friends from long ago, and of course court fun! Then home.

Will managed to get his cast off in time for his birthday party. He got to change it for a walking dial-an-angle brace which he wore for about 2 months. Physical Therapy also commenced to help him relearn to bend his knee, walk, climb stairs, etc. He has been doing PT plus a bit of general exercise for about 5 days a week at home since then. The Doc and PT person is VERY pleased with him and he looks to be on the road to full recovery. Generally this is about 12-18 months. Needless to say it has put a crimp in our dancing and his fighting.

The end of July was a nice weekend with friends in an Arts and Sciences atmosphere. Will got to play at the forge and Robin honed some of her skills. Our friends let us stay in the house rather than camp, since camping was not an option - yet. Felt good since we had missed the big fighting and feasting weekend.

August was preparation for the EGA National Seminar and Board meeting which was held in San Francisco. The theme was Stitching on the Barbary Coast. Robin was on the committee and basically the official hostess as head of the hosting Region. Pictures of us can be found here - Will and Robin at the opening and closing banquets and then Robin during the week. Every day she was in Victorian garb emerging at the final banquet in "modern" formal. It was fun. Robin even managed to take classes (gold work and beading) and shop. There were 2 special outings - the De Young for the Impressionists Exhibit from the Musee d'Orsey and to Beach Blanket Babylon.

Home for a week and then off on our vacation - San Francisco to San Francisco the Alaska Inland Passage on the Sea Princess. It was good to be away. We belatedly celebrated our 13th Anniversary and Robin's 55th birthday. It turned into a bit more of an adventure than planned but all good in the end.

We returned to have Jane Nicholas as our guest for a week while she taught classes that Robin arranged. It is always a joy to have Jane. Will need to visit Australia some time a see her home turf. Robin also stepped down as EGA Region Director. This was followed by Robin being asked to be a "special guest" at the local Royal School of Needlework certificate ceremony; a lovely honor.

The end of Oct and November was our time for "culture" -- Benjamin Bagby performing Beowulf, the opera Cyrano with Placido Domingo, then Madame Butterfly and Aida. We also attended Collegium where Robin taught and we participated in a "period feast". The class was a feast where we were "guests" in a Spanish Nobleman's Manor and everything was done as historically recorded. Then the following weekend was another event where a friend of ours was the chef cooking a full 5 course medieval Italian feast. Then for something different off to hear Trans-Siberian Orchestra - think classical + classic rock + laser/fire/light show. November was then capped off with Thanksgiving at Will's Mom's. We were barely able to fit into our Victorian clothing to visit Dickens Faire. Managed to see Kitaro live in concert at the Asian last week to cap off the holiday season.

Robin continues to do Arbitrations for FINRA and the American Arbitration Association. In between she was in full fiber mode this year - knitting a hat, socks, scarf, mitts, and 3 bags, Naalbinding 2 hats, weaving 5 pouches, card weaving trim in silk, needle felting, and spinning. Will continues at Visa and one of his projects made the news; winning an innovation award.

We have 2 new adorable additions to the house - Bandit and Pirate. They arrived at our home on August 1st at under 4 pounds and barely 8 weeks old. They are now pushing 8 pounds or over. They have their own web page - of course. Pickwick is doing better with them; now that they aren't quite so rambunctious. The bed however is very full with all 3 of them plus us on cold nights. Of course after watching the full moon eclipse on the solstice, it was a lovely warm cat pile.

2011 promises to be full too with lots of fun creative things for both of us. Hope 2011 is healthy happy and fun for all of you.

You can find us on Facebook and Robin still has her blogs on Blogspot and Live Journal.