2010 in Review

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18776_244894710845_721155845_3769331_3310867_n Will and I at our 12th Night celebration in Concord. Yes the gollar (not collar) that I am wearing was done by me in pearls, coral and gold spangles on silk.

IMG_6476.JPG Fiber goodness --
wool I spun
wool socks (1 and 1/3 so far - but knee hi)
wool mitts (only 1 so far)
2 naalbound hats and a knitted hat
knitted (to be felted) bag
needle felted sheep
2 circular woven bags
silk trim done in card weaving
more wool I spun

IMG_1530.JPG Maker Faire 2010 - metal sculpture that breathed flames at various intervals and had old fashioned gas fixtures on its tips. Variety and creativity are the hallmarks of the Faire. You never know what you will see next.
IMG_0249.JPG Classic picture of the Space Needle in Seattle. We stayed at a B&B nearby in order to visit Will's brother and family. We had dinner up in the Space Needle - good food and wonderful views. Robin had been to the Space Needle during the Worlds Faire in 1962 with her parents.

IMG_1593.JPG Chihuly glass display on the Chihuly Bridge in Tacoma Washington.
Robin loves Chihuly glass and we often stop at places on our travels to visit the various displays. This ceiling is similar to the one that he put together for the exhibition at the DeYoung in 2008. The walking bridge is covered in this glass "ceiling" and one wall has "shelves" with a variety of his work. There were also pieces in the Court House and the Art Museum that we took time to see.

IMG_1675.JPG Will sidelined at the West An Tir War.
You can't tell but his left leg is in a full leg cast - hence the cane in his hand for walking. We were waiting for the Memorial Tournament to begin. It was a heart warming experience to see 3 generations take the field against all who came to do homage to their - wife, mother of 2, and grandmother.
IMG_1757.JPG Bandit and Pirate arrive at our home on August 1st. Bandit was 2.6 lbs and Pirate 2.2 lbs. and approximately 8 weeks old. They had been inhabiting an equipment room where Will's brother works. He and his wife and a couple others are catching and spaying all the cats before releasing them back into the campus. These 2 were young enough to be house trained. Lucky us! IMG_1762.JPG Pickwick meets the Kittens. After the Vet declared the kittens safe for feline visits, Pickwick was allowed to visit the room where all the noised and sounds were coming from for the past few days. Pirate is the bold one even though he is smaller. Bandit is more cautious but is fast becoming Pickwick's shadow and best buddy.

IMG_6467.JPG At 6 months of age they still spend lots of time together. Here Pirate 8 lbs had claimed the chair. Bandit (7.5 lbs) climbed up and since there wasn't enough space just laid on top.


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74177_1383348718785_1684000177_775807_4196426_n Will and I in full Victorian Dress for the Opening Banquet of the Embroiderers Guild of America National Seminar in San Francisco. Themed - Stitching on the Barbary Coast. 60862_1582894579633_1453794848_1515608_1768721_n Will and I dressed for the Closing Banquet in modern formal dress. Our friend Melinda joined us for drink at the cocktail party prior. IMG_1832.JPG All week I was dressed in Victorian garb as I acted as hostess for the event. On Wednesday we had a "market day" so I donned by hat and gloves to go shopping!
IMG_2008.JPG Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau from our Alaska Cruise. The blue bit on the ice front is where it had calved (a chunk had broken off the face of the glacier) the prior day. The waterfall on the left has appeared in the last 50 years so you can tell the glacier is receding at a rapid pace. IMG_2298.JPG Buchart Gardens - lush beautiful gardens in Victoria British Columbia. What is really amazing is that every time you take a step and look you see something new - new plants, a new vista, etc. It is a fabulous 3D experience at its very best! IMG_2443.JPG Will and I celebrating our anniversary on the Alaska Cruise.