2015 – a year of new challenges

Started the year by meeting cousins I had only recent found out about. We went to our usual 12th Night event, but this year in Sacramento. We arranged to meet my (as far as I know) only remaining Goldsmith cousin bearing the name and his wife after the event. My family is so small that even distant cousins are special.

This year is a planning and preparation year for Embroiderers' Guild of America Greater Pacific Region Seminar. The seminars are in even years. Since I chaired the last one, I opted to be on the board again to support the upcoming Seminar. We have a great team of people and everyone is chipping in. My jobs are to do the brochure (completed and mailed in October) and design a Round Robin learning event. I hope everyone likes the event – no spoilers here.

My local chapter had a design challenge due December 1st. It was fun to challenge myself. I rarely think that I make art, but I really like this piece. My chapter members were excited by it so we shall see. I did manage to take a couple of classes this year, but stitching time was absent much of the year.

Will and I took a weekend to visit his Mom. She wanted to have crafting weekends with all her kids and grandkids. When she asked what I wanted to do, I mentioned making a chainmail bracelet. I loved the one a friend had and wanted to do something similar. Well the first 2" are done. Will hadn't specified a project, so he worked on making fibulas (roman and medieval safety pins). It was a fun weekend!

We continue as Baron and Baroness of the territory known as Westermark within our medieval organization. Basically we are the focal point for our local chapter to organize around. Our annual event was in September – a day of fighting both heavy and rapier, games, and feasting. We also get to give awards to people. For many this is the first award they have received within our organization, so it is very gratifying to recognize people. It was also our year to pay "taxes" so we opted to make fibulas and bead necklaces that could be given as gifts by the royalty.

In the Spring, Pickwick, our oldest cat, was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. He was on pills for awhile. We managed to get him in for the radioactive iodine treatment in May. He did really well and is back to being a Pickwick. The brothers – Pirate and Bandit are 5 years old. Pirate is 13+ pounds and Bandit 10 pounds. Bandit is Pickwick's best buddy and little bother.

In April Will dislocated his right shoulder at fighter practice. Fortunately he was able to rehab it through physical therapy. In June he did a slip and fall, injuring his left shoulder that could not be rehabbed. He had shoulder surgery on October 22nd. He is recovering, but it has put a damper on our activities.

Our vacation this year was more a staycation. We had a couple days in Monterey visiting the Aquarium. Then up to Golden Gate Park to visit the California Academy of Science.

During the holidays, we went to the Nutcracker (Will's first time). Will's family came together at his brother's in Santa Cruz for a food and fun filled couple days for Christmas.

Next year promises to have several long trips and events that will require travel to far flung parts of the US.

Where every you go, we wish you and yours a health, happy 2016!


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