2015 Review

2015 Letter

We do live in a lovely place. We have lovely vistas including the Golden Gate Bridge.

At the Congress of Vienna Regency Ball. We do clean up nice thanks to our dressmaker.

Favorite roses from the garden - Chrysler Imperial, Double Delight, and Sterling Silver.

Will working in Dot's playroom.

2" of sterling silver links - the bracelet begins

Robin working on the bracelet.

Robin and Will in our Baron and Baroness garb.

Fibulas - Roman and Medieval safety pins.

2 handkerchiefs from a dyeing class - guess I am showing my hippie roots.

Monterey Bay Aquarium - jellyfish

California Academy of Sciences - a nautilus

My piece from the chapter challenge. Still in progress. Do look at the bigger picture to see the detail.

Pirate enjoying his afternoon looking out the window and snoozing.

Bandit and Pickwick cuddled up for an afternoon snooze.

Sunset from the bedroom window. We do live in a lovely place.


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