2012 Year in Review

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This is a display of reproduction glassware and plateware from the 14th to 17th C. from our collection. Robin matched each item to a piece in a museum and provided information cards for each item. Display at the Medieval Culinary Symposium.
Chihuly glass in the ceiling of the bridge to the museum.

All three of the cats take over the bed at different times. Frequently this is right after breakfast. Left to Right - Bandit, Pickwick and Pirate.

Bandit has made himself Pickwick's best buddy.

Will at Erinwood making a pretty speech at the opening of the event to the gallery. The others wait their turn.

Will and an opponent on one of the 2 tourney fields at Erinwood.

MOOSE! Well just a young one came to visit the site. He is about 1 year old and the vegetation had some tempting morsels. He was about 100 yards from us.

Dickens Faire - picture of a partial crew of the Hatefish. A friend of Will's from Ren Faire days, created a mythical submarine and its crew as a way to get people from Ren Faire together. There were about 40 from the old days over the faire weekend. All of them decked out in uniforms, including some of the women.

From our wedding album.

15 years later at a Victorian Tea at the Palace Hotel. Think we still make a lovely couple. Picture courtesy of Walter Nelson.



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