Woodland Walk

Also visit the front and back yard. Don't forget to pay special attention to the irises.


The upperside of the house is our Woodland Walk.

Camillas line up along the house side. All of them came from my parents house (late '90's) and a couple of them from my grandparents house in San Francisco (1960's). There are a couple of doubles that I have only seen in Golden Gate park.


The walk is well shaded. Filled with ferns and 5 Japanese Maples. There are azealas and a rodidendrom.


The maples and other trees create this wonderful canapy.


Alongside the house is our orchidarium. My Dad was into orchids and collected a number of cymbidiums. Mother loved the flowers too. They bloom in waves of color from November to May filling our garden room with color. We also have fushias and christmas cactus. The christmas cactus and mostly from Grandpa and Dad, but a few are by way of Aunt Jeannie.


Exiting the Woodland Walk, through the rose arbor and to the top of the front yard.