2009 Year in Review


Beltane was is held at a Sheep Ranch near Cloverdale. This year we had visitors - including this Emu which checked us all out and left presents in various pavilions.


Our yard in coming in well. Thanks to our friend and landscape guru we have flowers and various layers of greenery all year round.


Visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium and their exhibit on sea horses. How many sea horses do you see in this picture? Answer - 5.


We enjoy having orchids decorating our garden room. The outside orchids bloom off and on for about 4-5 months of the year. Then the inside ones take turns. This one stalk has 32 blossoms!


Robin working on one of the blocks from the 1000 Hands Quilt at the Maker Faire. You can read more about it here.


This is sooooooo Maker Faire -- combining technology and whimsy to delight a child. Do take a closer look.


On of Robin's delights in being Region Director for EGA is giving out awards and recognitions. Her Robin has just given Mike Swan her gold disc pin for her tenure as Seminar Chair for the 2010 National Seminar in San Francisco (September). Robin is wearing her "National Board Member" name tag with pins from all 13 regions.


Will and Helgi fight in the tournament at Erinwood. It is a magical weekend.


Robin/Sabrina's gollar project before the final finishing. You can read all about it here .

IMG_0743.JPG copy

Robin/Sabrina shows off her gollar during our trip to Anchorage is summer.


Will hanging with Robin/Anne and Cathy/Maeva in Anne's pavilion.


We don't do matching often -- but the bolt of wool just cried out to be made into 15th C. German clothing.


Robin is putting spangles on the forehead cloth to accompany the Plimoth jacket. The full story can be found here. This makes Robin an official spangler!


Robin learned about doing Egyptian Medieval knitting with year at the An Tir/West war. This is her first project. Still needs tassels, drawstrings, and carry strap.


Robin took a class in darning samplers. Here are 2 examples of a twill and tabby weave. Very interesting. You can check Robin's blog for more information.


Temari balls -- just a few of those made so far this year. They make for good piecemeal projects and so have helped to keep Robin sane this year. This is a good thing :) You can read more about it here.

IMG_0154.JPG copy

Rest in Peace
1994/5-Sept 28, 2009

There is a big hole in our lives now.


Will on a bench in Louisville.


Chihuly glass at the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.


One of the many different gardens at the Phipps.

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