Taos Trip April 2014

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Each picture is a link to a larger format photo. All rights to text and photos reserved - by Robin Berry & William Ringer 2015.

Day 1 of the class including looking at the surrounding landscape to see patterns in nature. We would go on to draw them, paint them, and interprete them in needlework - both hand stitching and machine.

Roadrunner - it was a predator. Took another animal as dinner!

The conference center.
Our room was on the 2nd floor on the right side of the conference center. It was small but held everything we needed.

Jan Beaney demonstrating how to create something from nothing.

Lots of wonderful patterns on parts of the conference center.

The center treated us well with good food and special meals for all who had food issues.

Awesome vistas every day.
It still took us a couple days to acclimate to 7000+ feet of altitude.