Taos Trip April 2014

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Each picture is a link to a larger format photo. All rights to text and photos reserved - by Robin Berry & William Ringer 2015.

April 6, 2014 Ocate, New Mexico

This building and the one in the next photo are in the historic registry as the Weil (Goldsmith & Weil) stores. This is the later one on the opposite side of the street.

Is you look at the picture on the left/down 1 row - this is the store front. Today it says Tony's store. The building on the left lost its facade some years ago when it was occupied by a different person.

This is the road to the right of the building. The land behind and this area was all part of the original Weil Ranch.

Labeled "The big Wool Clip Ocate" ths show the original storefront and the building next to it that survives. The wool was taken to Wagon Mound and sent off on the train.

This is the original homestead. The outhouse and kitchen were separate buildings as were the cooks lodging.

Tony's family purchased the property that was the ranch house and buildings from Nathan Weil. Some of the land was sold off and repurchased over the years. They also added a 2nd story to the house, a kitchen, and bath (on the left).

Tony took us through the house. The ceilings, woodwork, and fireplaces are the original.

Each room had a different motif that was repeated throughout the room.

The front door.

Even the door hinges and handles were decorated.

Experts who looked at the photos say this is all very typical of 1920's building. Clara Bowman Weil died in 1925 having married Weil in 1890. It is unclear whether the woodwork and metal work was original or added when the house was added onto or refurbished in the 20's. Weil died in 1946.

Tony, present owner, who grew up in the house, and one of the original fireplaces. Tony is in his 80's.

Another original fireplace. The 3 main downstairs rooms are fairly large. Parlor and 2 bedrooms.

Views in a circle - first the house, the store, the roads, the new store, and newer building. There is not much to Ocate - just a few buildings further up the road.

It was beginning to snow when I took the pictures.

Close up of the 2nd store.

Smaller acreage, kept by Weil after selling off the house and most of the homestead.