Jamestown Virginia

9/27 - Monday

Drove out to Jamestown with Ron. It is a mix of museum, reenactment, and living history. There is the nautical side which of course was of key interest to Will. Ron actually gets to sail out on the ships. Unfortunately only the 2 smallest ships were in dock. The largest, used in Master and Commander, was out for another filming expedition - a special for the 400th anniversary in 2007.

Then there is the Indian Village and settlement. The biggest surprise to me was the size of the settlement - relatively small. They are trying to redo the buildings from information collected about the site so nearly everything is reproduction. They have full reenactment weekends so everything is used and works - what fun!

Bunk and kitchen from the ship. - above Governors House - below - 2 rooms
Canon Building a house Outdoor bakery

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Photos and text copyright Robin Berry & William Ringer 2004.