DeWitt - Textiles and Costumes

The DeWitt has a small area with textiles and costumes primarily in drawers. The lighting is poor and I understand that the portion of the collection shown is not the best part, but it was pretty good. I could have taken hundreds of pictures, but ran out of time.

There are 2 bargello wallets - both dated and a geographic fan (paper? on bone sticks) which are interesting to me so have included them. There is a fine dress consisting of the overdress and skirt shown here. There were other gowns, but not as fine. There was a stomacher that was embroidered to match, but for some reason I can't find the picture for it. While this fabric is indeed woven, some of the dresses we saw at other places identified the fabric as painted (at the Smithsonian for example). The pocket was separate and may be a "happy hands at home" piece. They had a full men's suit, but as stated before, I ran out of time (sigh).

They had quite a collection of sampler, but the one on pattern darning caught my eye and the camera could get a half decent shot of it. They had needlework tools, but then so do I.

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