Taos Trip April 2014

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Page 1 - the drive to Albuquerque, Albuquerque and Tucumcari - April 1-4 ,2014
Page 2 - Las Vegas New Mexico and the Montifiore Cemetery - April 4-6, 2014
Page 3 - Ocate, NM - April 6, 2014
Page 4 - drive to Taos from Ocate and the Mabel Dodge Luhan Center - April 6-13. 2014
Page 5 - looking at ones surroundings for design ideas
Page 6 - driving out to surrounding areas and Taos
Page 7 - Santa Fe - April 13-15, 2014
Page 8 - drive from Santa Fe to home - April 15-16, 2014
Page 9 - Will's side trips

Each picture is a link to a larger format photo. All rights to text and photos reserved - by Robin Berry & William Ringer 2015.

The sky turned all the shades of blue along the way.

Lots of smallish mountains and mesas in the distance. LOTS of open land.

Sometimes the sky was very dramatic.

Scrub brush of all kinds.

Toward the end of the day near Kingman. The setting sun added lots of orange colors to the landscape.

in California - we don't get this straight flat landscape - it it alien!

love all the layers of color in the sediment in the mesas

in the old town square in Albuquerque

There museum has a nice example of Renaissance armor and a chain mail shirt.

Dinner with cousins - Paul and Roseanne Wilson and Betty Jo Minshall

Tacos plus red and green salsa!

Sunset Albuquerque style.

Excellent natural history musuem!. Will encounters a dinosaur. Stan the T-Rex

More straight roads. On the way to Tucumcari.

Cousins Yetta, Julie and Philip Bidegain in Tucumari.

Taking the back road to Las Vegas.