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Alaska Inland Passage Cruise
Leaving San Francisco Bay - September 19, 2010

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IMG_1859.JPG We began our cruise at Pier 35 in San Francisco. After a short delay we pushed back from the pier and headed out into the Bay. IMG_1860.JPG From our room we had a nice view of Treasure Island and the Bay Bridge. It was overcast and a bit cold and dreary. IMG_1870.JPG Surprise - the sun came out for a bit while we walked around the ship to get our bearings before leaving. It was a bit windy up on the 14/15th observation decks. Think Will was glad to be "on our way".
IMG_5298 We arrived around 1:30 pm for a 4 pm departure. We were very lucky that our bags arrived right away and we could unpack before even looking around the ship. Since the sun was shining we took a turn topside. Beautiful views of the city at our feet. We do live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world! IMG_1875.JPG Interesting to see the Embarcadero from this angle. We never realized it was so straight. Not really surprising since it was constructed from fill and over a grave yard of ships from the gold rush and other waves of growth. IMG_1878.JPG Finally pushed back and enter the channel to begin our journey out of the Bay. You see the piers like fingers into the Bay.
IMG_1890.JPG Slowly we wend our way toward the Golden Gate passing Pier 39. IMG_1897.JPG Passing Fisherman's Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, Hyde Street Pier, Fort Mason, the San Francisco Yacht Club, and Palace of Fine Arts. IMG_1909.JPG Looking toward the San Francisco side footing of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Presidio. Even though we were out in the commercial channel, we were near a number of small sail boats and other craft.
IMG_1901.JPG As we got closer and closer to sailing under, the fog and cloud cover got lower and lower. The Bridge, in the distance, began slipping to the fog. IMG_1910.JPG There was a large commercial ship sailing into the bay, opposite us. It was fair sized, but you begin to get a sense of scale of our ship when you see another large vessel. IMG_1912.JPG As we neared the Golden Gate, the other vessel was slipping under it toward us. Love the lattice work on the lower portion of the support tower.
IMG_1916.JPG Here we go - almost under the bridge! IMG_1917.JPG We almost don't fit under the bridge - or at least that was the feeling as we went under. You begin to understand why certain ships can only enter during low tide or some carrying special equipment only on rare days with a super low tide. IMG_1920.JPG Looking back at Fort Point and Lands End on the San Francisco side of the bay entrance.
IMG_1930.JPG Sailing away on our 10 day adventure!


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