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Alaska Inland Passage Cruise
Ketchikan - September 22, 2010

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IMG_1948.JPG Since we have seen Ketchikan before, we opted to just take a walk around the city rather than go out on a tour.The weather was clear but brisk. Glad we had brought along hat and gloves.

The water front is mostly shops that cater to the tourist industry. However, there were some interesting shops including a quilt shop and yarn store.


IMG_1951.JPG The harbor is relatively small with several small inlets for boats. This is our ship in the distance. IMG_1953.JPG The town keeps some of its Native American influence in that there are totems all over. Here there are 2 that look out over the harbor to protect the fishing vessels and smaller boats.

IMG_1956.JPG There are totem poles in many of the yards. Some are painted and some are not. They all tell a story and frequent one of the characters is Raven.

Totem poles are carved to commemorate an event, honor an ancestor, record history, social commentary, or embody an oral tradition. They were not objects of worship.

IMG_1957.JPG Another totem pole with faces on either side of the base. Also, many are painted, but this one was not and from it weathered face, may not ever have planned to be painted. It also is a different style of carving that the prior one which was just next door. IMG_1958.JPG And yet another totem pole. There is a local museum of totem poles as well as a "school" in Ketchikan.
IMG_1959.JPG Stopped in t his local cafe for a decent cup of coffee. It was surprising how bad the coffee was onboard ship. Just that morning Will had located the ships coffee bar and bought a card (yes they had soy lattes) to keep us sane. Never the less, this cafe was a welcome treat. It also had very interesting art work and killer cookies. IMG_5323 One of the shopping areas, a little bit back from the dock area, is this group of shops on piers. It is called Creek Street. IMG_5324 There were lots of dead/dying salmon since it was the end of the season, a seal or 2, and birds all taking advantage of this protected area.
IMG_1967.JPG Aside from the totems there were a number of other items carved from wood around the city. You had to keep an eye out for errant guitarists :) IMG_1968.JPG The piece on the left is a beautiful carving by man. The piece on the right is a beautiful carving by nature (driftwood). IMG_1980.JPG This is one of the taller totem poles aside from those in the museum & park. This one is next to the public library. It is called "Raven stealing the sun".
IMG_1977.JPGThe fish ladder from the foot. Not very full at this end of the season. IMG_1985.JPG The fish ladder from near the top. IMG_1988.JPGCould not resist this picture of a tableau on someone's front deck. The clothes are real.
IMG_1989.JPG Another front porch has this series of very different wind chimes. IMG_1991.JPG This monument is on the pier. It commemorates all the various people that came to make Ketchikan what it is today.


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