Cabo - October 15, 2006 Sunday


The rocky point of Cabo San Lucas


The arch

First port o'call was Cabo San Lucas. We arrived around 11 am. Tenders were the order of the day to get to shore.

Robin went off to shop with a couple of lovely ladies from Southern California that we had met at lunch the prior day. Will took a tour which included sailing on an 1880's sailing ship and snorkling in a quiet cove. While the ship probably never was a pirate ship, they did call the tour a pirate ship tour - a 3 hour tour (imagine Gilligan's Island music in the background).

IMG_1565.JPG copy

Sea Lions barked at us as we sailed past


As we rounded the point, the wind changed and the sails needed to be reefed

The sailing ship was the Sunderland. When we started the trip, they let us help raise the sails. Basically, stand on deck and pull a rope, but I can honestly sail I helped sail the ship :-)

We made a close pass by the rocks on the point, then circled the bay. It was nice sailing under a good wind. Then we went around the point to the Pacific side, and the wind got a little stronger, and the swells got larger. That's when they decided to furl the top sail.


It is a long way up!


Standing by the main mast.

Watching the crew climbing the rigging, then crawling out to the ends of the boom, I was glad I wasn't helping to sail the ship any more.

On the way back in, we stopped for a little snorkleing. We saw school of sting rays skimming over the sand. Closer to the rocks, we saw a bunch of extremely colorful fish (that I don't know the names of), and sea anemones.

Then back aboard for beer and a very pleasant rum drink during the quick trip back to port. All in all, a very pleasent afternoon.


The Sunderland at dock.


Robin with her Waborita at the Cabo Wabo bar.

Meanwhile, Robin went off with Sonya and Claire. Since we were late getting off, we took a taxi directly to Cabo Wabo for lunch. While we waited for lunch, Robin ordered her Waborita - very dangerous drink!!!!!

Then off shopping. Wandered in and out of shops along the road to the Paraiso Mall. The Mall was very like we have in the US and very expensive. The shops, aside from the tourist shops, had nice stuff, but ex-pen-sive! So taxi back to the dockside "flea market" shops. The prices were better than in town and you could really bargain. Robin's haul - 1 plate (truly medieval styling - and finer than the other pottery), 1 silver salt spoon, 1 silver long chain necklace. There was beautiful silver items to be had, but I restrained myself.

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