Demise of Our MDX

On Thursday, July 19th our Acura MDX met its end. I came through unscathed as the passenger compartment was intact and the drivers side almost untouched.

Moving around toward the rear of the car things don't look so good.

The impact was on the rear, offset to the right side. The air bags deployed all the way down the side of the vehicle. I think the other driver was swerving at the last moment to try to miss me.

The left wheel. This is how it is supposed to look.

There has been a little redecorating on the right.

The drivers seat collapsed backward. I'm guessing this was lucky as the collapsing seat absorbed some of the impact energy rather than transferring it to me.

It is a good thing there wasn't anybody in the back seat. No leg room left here!

Rather than straight backward, the seat collapsed at an angle.

The car that hit me was a 2006 Ford F-150 pickup. Despite the damage to both of our vehicles, both of us walked away. He had a dog in with him, and it also was uninjured. I guess all the safety stuff worked.
MDX and F-150

Final score:
Acura MDX: 0
Ford F-150: 0