2014 In Review

First tulips and crocus of the year.

Borage. Wierd plant. Very spiney with little blue flowers. Loved by the Elizabethans and quite edible.

Foxglove in our yard. Our spring herald.

Monterey - one of the piers complete with seagull. Seals barking on just below.

Night time in the central square in Albuquerque.

Cousins Paul, Roseann and Betty Jo in Albuquerque.

Cousins Yetta, Julie, and Philip in Tucumcari.

One of the 2 Weil store fronts in Ocate.

The other store front in Ocate for Goldsmith & Weil.

One of the original fireplaces in the Ocate homestead.

Snow on the road from Ocate to Taos.

First day at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House - snow.

The Mabel Dodge Luhan Conference Center - our room was on the right side on the 2nd floor. Lots of Adobe.

Santa Fe -- design elements galore - look at those tiles!

Rock striations and areas where cave dwellers lived.

Our 3 felines enjoying the afternoon sun - Pickwick, Bandit and Pirate.

Melee on the tournament field between the teams.

Heraldry and pagentry. The 2 flags on the left represent Will and Robin.

Robin's bead embroidery class project.

Robin's free form peyote beading class project.

Pheonix - Desert Botanical Garden

Binks for dinner.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Our companions - Melinda Rolfe, Jane Nicholas, Christine Tanabe, and Will. Missing from the picture Molly McLaughlin.

Grand Canyon

Picture proof Robin and Will went to the Grand Canyon. Under the bell at Hermits Rest.

Book bag stuffing with Karen Ringer, Will Ringer and Robin at Bouchercon 2014.

The view from our room of Long Beach Harbor and the Queen Mary.

The Long Beach Auditorium and conference Center.