2011 in Review

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Robin White and Will at Beltane

Lining up for the ceremony at Beltane

Robin/Sabrina being crowned with a silver laurel wreath as a sign of her station

Robin's Elizabethan pouch - pearl and gold raised work

Will playing with cochineal

Some of the dyeing and spinning from the fiber weekend

Family picture - Will's 50th birthday party

Will and Robin at Costume College - 15th anniversary of meeting
Picture taken by Walter Nelson

Will and Robin at Costume College
Picture taken by Walter Nelson

picture taken by Melinda Sherbring

Will and Robin with the Game of Thones throne

Will and Robin do Steampunk at Renovation
Picture taken by Jason Vasquez

Monterey Bay Aquarium - The Jellies

Monterey Bay Aquarium - Sea Dragon

Bandit and Pickwick - afternoon nap time

Bandit and Pirate sharing the bench at nap time

Pirate posing for his picture

Pickwick - lord of all he surveys

All rights to the pictures reserved to Robin Berry and Will Ringer except where noted.