Pickwick Joins the Household

Small kitten with big eyesThe new kitten arrives.

Will and I have been discussing getting a kitten for Pete for the last couple of years. We have looked at kittens and cats and none were just right. Then at October Crown, a friend reminded me that she had found some kittens and that they were ready for homes. Included in the batch was one black male she had named Jack. Will and I went to visit and there was this adorable kitten with lots of spunk and who could be bribed with petting. He was used to being around other cats as well as his litter mates. His father was a local large black cat that had fathered a number of litters (but no more) and whose offspring turned out well. With this recommendation we took the kitten home with us.

Since he had been around outdoor cats and had come from the outdoors, we kept him confined until we could take him to the vet on Tuesday. He had his ears cleaned, received his first shots, was dewormed and managed to be VERY good through it all. He was to be in exile for at least a week. We spent time in with him and his purr was bigger than him. He ate well and began to GROW from his original 3.5 pounds.

Kitten in a boxAfter about a week of Pete sniffing at the bathroom door and then pointedly ignoring the sounds, it was time for THE MEETING. Pete was gentle but firm. Pete is THE NUMBER ONE CAT in the house, but providing the kitten learned (which he did quickly), he could remain. Little did Pete know [insert evil chuckle]

The kitten soon decided to steal a bit of Pete's food and use Pete's box. Pete was very tolerant, but did decide that kitten food was pretty good and of course had to use the kitten's box. For awhile, the kitten would only come downstairs when we were down and remained the upstairs cat. Fine with Pete. He had sun and could remain undisturbed in his favorite downstairs places.

The kitten's favorite toys are the fluffy multicolored balls. They provide endless entertainment. He can bat them around and sometimes carry them around in his mouth. He also soon learned to climb into laps and DEMAND petting.

kitten on a window ledge After a couple weeks with the name Jack, it just wasn't working. He is nearly all black. He had tabby stripes in true black and very black brown for the rest of his fur. His guard hairs are black and it obsures some of the stripes. He has 2 tiny patches of silver gray -- one on his chest and one on his tummy. Every once in awhile another single gray hair appears. His nose is black and his eyes a pale gold. He also is VERY silly. Every charicature you have ever seen of a cat, he brings to life. One day, he told Will that his name would be Pickwick. He knows his name and responds even when we aren't yelling. Actually he learns relatively quickly. It usually takes 3 warnings, but you can see he is trying to figure out what he did that is not permitted. He also trills -- sort of a questioning trill. I've never known a cat that trills.
kitten in cuboardI know there's something for me in here.

Boy is he growing fast!!!!!!!!!!! At less than 6 months old he is as long as Pete, has a tail longer than Pete's and bigger around. Of course his tail is NOT as expressive as Pete's, but he does sometimes curl it into a question mark. His paws are as big as Pete's and he is beginning to fill out. He is about 6 pounds and you know he is all of that in muscle when he DEMANDS his kneading and purr time on top of you in the middle of the night -- multiple times. He also is finally developing a true meow.

Pete hiding on chairMaybe he will just go away.

Pickwicks favorite thing to do when he is bored is jump the Pete. Most of the time Pete will tolerate it, play with him, or just tell him to go away. However, for the moment quiet nap time is at a premium. Most of the play time is soft paw. Both are very good about it. It is really fascinating to watch Pete deal with the kitten. He has moves the kitten hasn't seen. Even as the kitten gets bigger, Pete has more moves up his "sleeve".

Pete and Pickwick restingHe's not so bad when he is asleep.

About 4-6 weeks after Pickwick joined the household, he and Peter were easily co-existing. Both would sleep with us, at least part of the night. They could be in the same room and be quiet together in the sun.

For Pete, he usually manages quiet time when I'm home as the kitten likes to be in the same room with me/us. Pete can still jump higher and there are places he can go that Pickwick can't -- at least for now. You can just see the determination in that not so little body that says -- I just can't wait until I can... It won't be long as Pickwick is jumping more and more accurately.

Pickwick sprawled asleepPickwick begins studing a cat's true vocation.

We were gone for 4 days over Christmas. The cat sitter came in twice a day to feed and play with them. This was the first time since Pickwick joined us that he was without his people. It seemed he and Pete did some bonding while we were away as they now sleep closer at times. They even will take little licks at each other. -- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah A home is not a home without cats. Needless to say we are never bored when we have kitty TV.