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Books of Interest on Lace

Name of Book Author Publisher Year ISBN comment date added
75X Lace: Lace in the Rijksmuseum  Wardle, Patricia  Rijksmuseum  2000  90 400 9448 9  beautiful pics and commentary on the history of lace - few early pics  1-15-03 
A Dictionary of Lace  Earnshaw, Pat  Dover  1984  0-486-40482-X  Good book to help understand the different lace terms and techniques  1-15-03 
A Notebook of Pulled Thread Stitches  Bennett, Eileen  self published, Jenison  1999    In addition to clear diagrams she discusses the where how and when stitches were used  8-7-02 
An Introduction to Hardanger Embroidery  Search Press  Search Press Kent  1994  0-85532-782-0  Clear pictures descriptions and patterns for this technique. Remember that Hardanger is post 1600  8-7-02 
Armenian Needlelace and Embroidery  Alice Odian Kasparian  Emp Publishers  1983  0-914440-65-9  A short history of Armenia and her peoples. Beautiful pictures of Armenian lace. No pictures of extant period pieces, but a facinating book anyway.  Aug 10, 2002 
Bobbin Lace Patterns: 37 patterns with tear-out prickings  Pamela Nottingham  Batsford  1981  0 7134 4442 8  not basic patterns, but consistent in look with many period patterns  6-30-03 
Building Torchon Lace Patterns  Bridget M. Cook  Batsford  198?  0 7134 6576 X  not basic, but shows a number of patterns that help with understanding building period patterns  6-30-03 
Cut-Work Embroidery and How to Do It  Oenone Cave  Dover  1982  0-486-24267-6  Some plates of extant period pieces plus the how to section.  Aug 10, 2002 
Cutwork Hedebo & Broderie Anglaise  Edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot  Lacis  1992  0-916896-40-4  Describes the differences between the types of Hedebo, cutwork and broderie anglaise. Many good pictures of lace work.  Aug 10, 2002 
Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery  Fangel, Esther, Ida Winckler & Agnete Wuldern Madsen  Dover New York  1977  0-486-23474-6  Very clear descriptions of stitches and stitch techniques. While they are working from items dated around 1760 the stitches and patterns are much older.  8-7-02 
Drawn Fabric Embroidery  Agnes M. Leach  Dover  2001  0486-41809-X  A book about pulled thread work. If you already know how to do pulled work a good addition to your library. For really learing how I prefer the Ilse Altheer book.  Aug 10, 2002 
Drawn Fabric Embroidery  Edna Wark  Batsford  1979  0 7134 1477 4  a bit about all aspects with a couple projects suitable for Queen's Treasure chest  6-30-03 
Drawn Thread Embroidery  McNeill, Moyra  Henry Holt and Company New York  1989  0-8050-1406-3  Excellent how-to with clear stitch descriptions and diagrams  8-7-02 
Drawn Thread Work 1st Series  De Dillmont Th. ed.  DMC Library Societe a Responsabilite Limitee Mulhouse      How to do many different types of drawn work including insertion grounds and openwork in various styles. Excellent how to do the stitches and how to breakdown the patterns to a workable project. Useful in connection with a historic pattern book but a difficult pamphlet to get  8-7-02 
Drawn Thread Work 2nd Series  De Dillmont Th. ed.  DMC Library Societe a Responsabilite limitee Mulhouse      How to do many different types of drawn work including insertion grounds and openwork in various styles. Useful in connection with a historic pattern book but a difficult pamphlet to get. Contains more historic patterns than 1st in the series but no information on how-to do the stitches or breakdown the patterns which is contained in the 1st  8-7-02 
Elizabethan Lace  Gillian Dye  The Elviston Press  1995  0 9522709 3 5  brief overview of several forms - not footnoted  10-17-03 
Free Lace Patterns  Sheila Brown  Batsford  1990  0 7134 6504 2  Bobbin Lace designs - modern but shows how to incorporate into household textiles  6-30-03 
Hardanger Fundamentals Made Fancy  Janice Love  Love-N-Stitches , Athens GA  1999    A book of fancy filling stitches. Good illistrations.  Aug 10, 2002 
Hardanger Revisited  Kliot ,Jules & Kaethe Ed.  Lacis Publications, Berkeley  1999  1-891656-13-9  A reprint of 3 booklets from1900-1924 - Old and New Designs in Hardanger The Priscilla Hardanger Book and The Pricilla Hardanger Book Book 2 plus additional materials. While developed post 1600 it is rooted in Reticella and the techniques and patterns would be good pre-work for doing reticella  8-7-02 
Hardanger: Basics and Beyond  Love Janice  self published, Athens  1995    Clear diagrams and steps. This book goes one better than most - it tells you when you make a mistake and how to fix it. Remember that Hardanger is post 1600  8-7-02 
Hems, Edges and Fancy Borders  ILSE Altherr  self      A how to book with good illistrations, includes hems with decorative drawn thread work.   
Hemstitching  Marion Scoular  American School of Needlework  1999  (pamphlet)  the basics explained clearly  6-30-03 
Hispanic Lace and Lace Making  Florence Lewis May  Hispanic Society of America  1939    An almost impossible book to find but worth the effort if you are interested in what was going on in Spain. Covers the origins of lace, drawnwork, cutwork, network, needle and bobbin laces, gold and silver laces and more. 432 illistrations, many of which are extant period pieces.   
History of Lace  Mrs. Bury Palliser  Dover  1984  0-486-24742-2  Divided into countries and types of lace along with time periods. Lots of black and white plates. Info from and on period modelbooks.   
Italian Cut Work and Filet Lace: Variety Book No. 2    Carmela Testa  1926    covers cut lace, deruta, and reticella/aria with lots of patterns  10-17-03 
Italian Lace Designs: 243 Classic Examples  Ricci, Elisa  Dover Publications Inc., New York  1993  0-486-27588-4  Wonderful pictures of lace many of which are 16th C. A great aid to understanding the patterns and different techniques of lace including needle point lace  8-7-02 
La Broderie sur Lacis 1st Series  De Dillmont Th. Ed.  Bibliotheque DMC Mulhouse      Wonderful booklet of patterns and stitches many similar to 16th C patterns.  8-7-02 
Lace  Bath, Virginia Churchill  Penguin Books  1974  0 14 046.378X  excellent overview, history and techniques - a must have book  7-02-02 
Lace  LíAventurine  Bookking international Paris  1995    Divided into centuries each section has pictures of patterns from pattern books and actual pieces. Great patterns for 16th C. needle point lace  8-7-02 
Lace the Elegant Web  Janine Montupet & Thislaine Schoeller translated from the Frenchy by Anthony Zielonka  Harry N. Abrams, Inc Pub. NY  1990  0-8109-3553-8  A good informative book about the history of lace. Covers many countries and types of lace. Also includes color pictures of period portraits with lace.  Aug 10, 2002 
Lace: A History  Levey, Santina M.   Victoria & Albert Museum/W. S. Maney & Son Ltd.  1983  0 901286 15 X  fabulous book with excellent pictures and descriptions  8/5/02 
Le Filet Brode  De Dillmont Th. Ed.  Bibliotheque DMC Mulhouse      Wonderful booklet of patterns and stitches. Primarily Crochet based.  8-7-02 
Linen Embroidery  Etta Campbell  Batsford  1957, 1990  0 7134 6251 5  a walk through pulled stitches with good diagrams  6-30-03 
Macrame  Th. de Dillmont  DMC Library      instructions for 45 patterns and covering basic forms  10-17-03 
Mary Fryís Pulled Thread Workbook  Fry, Mary  self published Summit  1978    Mary is EGA certified to teach Pulled Thread. While she dates the work to 18th and 19th C. much of what she shows is older. Reasonably good diagrams with pictures of what the final should look like makes this a useful book  8-7-02 
Mastering The Art of Pulled Thread Embroidery  Altherr Ilse  self published, Lancaster  1989  0-9624090-0-6  A good work book with good information on pull strength and design. Not my first choice but definately useful for someone really into this embroidery form  8-7-02 
Needle Lace: Techniques & Inspiration  Clark, Jill Nordfors  Hand Books Press  1999  0-9658248-5-3  some history - great how to book  7-02-02 
Needle-Made Laces and Net Embroideries: Reticella Work Carrickmacrosss Lace Princess Lace and Other Traditional Techniques  Preston Doris Campbell  Dover Publications Inc.,New York  1984  0-486-24708-2  Contains clear diagrams good hints on technique and pictures to help understand the differences in lace techniques  8-7-02 
Needlelace  Earnshaw, Pat  Merehurst  1991  1 85391 158 5  the how-to book on needlelace  7-02-02 
Needlelace: Designs and Techniques Classic and Contemporary  Barley, Catherine  Batsford   2002 (repub)  0 7134 8688 0  clear instructions and pictures for a number of different techniques - recommended by The Lace Museum  1-15-03 
Openwork Embroidery, DMC Library, New Edition (Revised)  de Dillmont ,Th. ed.  DMC Library Mulhouse  1974    Small section on how-to and lots of patterns. Introduction identifies which patterns are based on renaissance or medieval embroideries  8-7-02 
Pulled Thread Embroidery  McNeill, Moyra  Dover, New York  1971  0-486-27857-3  Excellent how-to with clear stitch descriptions and diagrams  8-7-02 
Pulled Work on Canvas and Linen  Drysdale, Rosemary  Charles Scribnerís Sons New York  1978  0-684-15786-1  Wonderfully clear diagrams of all the primary stitches. Easy to follow  8-7-02 
Punti a Giorno  Mani Di Fata ed.  I Lavori Femmininili Di Mani di Fata Milan    8-099999-802407  An Italian pamphlet with how-to and simple designs for pulled and drawnwork  8-7-02 
Punti a Giorno 2  Mani Di Fata ed.  I Lavori Femmininili Di Mani di Fata Milan    8-099999-802391  An Italian pamphlet with how-to and simple designs for pulled and drawnwork  8-7-02 
Punti a Giorno 3  Mani Di Fata ed.  I Lavori Femmininili Di Mani di Fata Milan    8-099999-801103  An Italian pamphlet with how-to and simple designs for pulled and drawnwork  8-7-02 
Ruskin Lace & Linen Work  Elizabeth Prickett  Dover  1986  0-486-25291-4  Rusckin lace was a revival of reticella in the Lake District in 1872 begun by John Ruskin. The book covers materials, techniques from start to finish. Has many filling patterns  Aug 10, 2002 
Schwalm Embroidery Techniques and Designs  Christine Bishop  Sally Milner Publishing Pty Ltd  2000  1 86351 220 9  Schwalm embroidery comes from the Schwalm River area near Marburg, Germany. It dates to the late 18th to 19th century. It is a form of whitework that incorporates surface stitches, pulled fabric, drawn thread, needlelace and needleweaving. The book has good stitch diagrams and explanations on how to do the various techniques.  Aug 12, 2002 
Schwalm Whitework  Renate Fernau  Lacis Publications  1998  3-8043-0579-2  The book covers Ornamental Hemstitch Borders, Corners, Reinforcement Stitches, Outline Stitches, Ornamental Stitches, Drawn Threads, Filling Stitches and more. Good illustrations and some beautiful pictures of stitched work.  Aug 12, 2002 
Starting Needlepoint Lace: A Course for Beginners  Grimwood, Valerie  Batsford  1995  0 7134 5607 0  wonderful clear step by step instructions  1-15-03 
Stitches and Decorative Seams  Grete Petersen  Van Nostrared Reenhold & Co  1983  0-442-27296-0  A how to book with good illistrations. Covers many things including lace filling stitches, pulled work, drawn thread hemstitch, hardanger, cut work and more.  Aug 10, 2002 
Textiles: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum  Cavallo, Adolph S.  Trustees of the the Museum  1986  0-914660-09-8  includes 40 plates of lace including some 16th C reticella  1-15-03 
The Art of Drawn Work: The Metropolitan Art Series Vol 2-No. 1 March 1896  Kliot, Jules and Kaethe ed.  Lacis Publications, Berkeley  1989  0-916896-29-3  Reproduction of Butterickís 1896 publication. When you look at some of the more complicated patterns and wonder how they were constructed this is the book for you. Very clear diagrams which breakdown complicated designs into clear steps  8-7-02 
The Finishing Touch: Lace in Portraits at Frederiksborg  Levey, Santina & Patricia Wardle  Fredericksborg Museum  1994  8787237598  Wonderful commentary on portraits 1500s forward and pics of similar actual lace objects  1-15-03 
The Gentle Needle Arts  Yvonne Deutch  Marshall Cavandish Books  1971  0 85685 8 267 8  wonderful basic how to of all the types of lace covered by the Guild  10-17-03 
The History of Lace  Margaret Simeon  Stainer & Bell: London  1979  0-85249-9  Covers early lace including the 16th and 17th centuries and up to the 19th century. Many black and white photos of period extant pieces. A beautiful little book   Aug 10, 2002 
The Needle-Made Lace of Reticella  Kliot, Jules & Kaethe  Lacis, Berkeley  1994  0-916896-57-9  Partially a reproduction of early lace books and partially rewritten for the modern reticella worker this is the clearest presentation of how to do reticella I have yet found. Many of the pattern also date back to 16th - 17th C pattern books for lace  8-7-02 
The Needle: A Magazine of Fancy Work and other Handicrafts -- Drawn Thread Work with 33 Photographic Illustrations 1st Series  The London Guild of Needlework  London Guild of Needlework London      Reprint by Bette Feinstein Needlework Books of a magazine from the 1st part of the 20th C. Fun to have but the information on stitches and patterns are available in other sources  8-7-02 
The Open Canvas: An Instructional Encyclopedia of Openwork Techniques (Pulled, Canvas, Needleweaving, Hemstitching. Filet, Hardanger, Reticella & Hedebo)  Ambuter, Carolyn  Workman Publishing New York  1982  0-89480-170-6  In my opinion the clearest and easiest to use notebook of openwork/whitework stitches. Hundreds of stitches are diagramed and pictured with clear instructions.  8-7-02 
The Technique of Bobbin Lace  Pamel Nottingham  Batsford   1995  0 7134 7189 1  considered by some to be the Bible of how-to bobbin lace  6-30-03 
Threads of Lace: From Source to Sink  Pat Earnshaw  Gorse Publications  1989  0-9513891-1-4  a must to understanding threads used in lacemaking  6-30-03 
Weldon's Practical Needlework  Piecework Magazine (facsimile)  Interweave Press  1999  1-883010-76-4  series of now 7 books - many articles on late 1800/early 1900 techniques including crochet, macrame, netting, etc. - and lots of patterns  8-5-02 
Zimmerman Jane D.  Pulled Thread and Florentine Embroidery Patterns  self published  1976    Seminar work book with some useful ideas for the serious pulled thread stitcher  8-7-02 

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