Erinwood 2009


On Sunday, the two teams of fighters fight each other. This happens in three parts. First a series of melees fought between the teams. Then each member of the team fights single combat against members of the opposing team. Each member is called to fight 2 times; once as challenger and once as resonding to a challenge. Finally, a series of battles are fought over a "relic". The team that accumulates the most points is the winner.

These are pictures from the single combat portion of Sunday's fighting.

Saturday | Sunday


Will fights Owen with maces.


The fight is on the upper field as Owen is the challenger.


Will and Alderon fight sword and shield. The fight is on the lower field as Will is the challenger and Alderon met the challenge.


Alderon is the host of the event.


Usually Alderon and Will are on the same side as they fight together in the Gryphons Guard war unit.


End of a long day of fighting. Now for the feasting!


Mathias and Alderon's grandmother. He said she was his inspiration for the day.