2016 Principality of the Mists
Run for the Muse - the penthalon of the Mists Arts and Sciences


Competition & Event

Practical Science: Pouch: Red Velvet Pouch
Mists Spring Coronet

Red pouch documentation The key and silver balls are modern. I could find nothing that looked historically correct so chose the best available. Score 79/90
Technical Science: Tools: Set of Bone Sewing Tools
Mists Spring Coronet
Bone tool documentation 5 items: 3 different needlecases and 2 different needles from goose bones. Score 77/90 (win)

Performing Art: Poem - any medium: Sestina Original
Mists Investiture

Sestina final

Sestina documentation

Judges would have liked more information on the mathematical nature of the entry. I am a okayperformer and did manage to get eye contact with each judge during the performance. Score 58/90 (win)
Practical Science: Savory: 4 Roman Salads
Mist Fall Coronet
Savory dishes documentation I felt constrained to only use only the ingredients listed in the recipe. After the competition, I added a little olive oil to each and the flavor improved. In addition, I could not get the ingredients to make a paste which is what one would expect when using a mortar. I think that the additional olive oil would have made this happen.
There is also, apparently, some differences of opinion among scholars as to whether a hard or soft cheese was used. I choose a soft cheese - ricotta. The judges would have liked to have seen more information about cheese choice.
The recipes reference coriander. Since these were supposed to be salads I used the leaves which are referred to as cilantro. The seed may have been used, but I did not feel that it was in keeping with the context of the recipes.
Score 63/90
Fine Art: Wear it on your arm/hand
Mists Fall Investiture
My Jewelry Hoard Making "simple" items well is hard work. 3 bracelets and 4 rings. The 2 silver rings were made from "square" wire as was one of the bracelets. Score 72/90



Red pouch Red pouch detail
Bone tools Bone tools detail


Photos and text copyright Robin Berry 2016